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New Life Simulation Games on the Horizon and I'm Here for It

I am pretty stoked about the life simulation genre. It is a game genre I enjoy playing but it has been dominated by one developer, EA, for a long time. It seriously lacks diversity and is heavily skewed toward the queer community. Lastly, the Sims 4 is riddled with bugs and the developers ignore them and just churn out more packs because people are willing to pay more money hoping the game will be fixed and work as they envision. It won't, but they continue to live in their delusion. Wanting to get away from the toxicity of the Sims community and play a life sim game that actually works I was very excited when Life by You was announced earlier this year.  However, following the development of the game over the last few months and the promises by Rod Humble, I don't know if Paradox has given the game developer, General Manager Rod Humble , an ex Sims EVP and ex CEO of Second Life , the budget to hire people to really build a high-end life sim game. Life by You (LbY) is b

Life By You - New Simulation Game

I am really excited about this game. It is open world and fully customizable. With customizable conversations! That will make creating stories for YouTube a blast! Life by You Announcement Event The announcement event just gave us a bit of a taste. Not too long. Right now the humans look rather crude and their movements are stilted, so I am hoping they will get more polish before the game is fully released, but I am gang ho to do some early testing as I am ready for a new life simulation game and am bored with The Sims 4. Right now the look and feel of the game is giving me Sims 3 vibe and that is not a good thing. I really do like the look and feel of the Sims 4 and am expecting a new life simulation game to wow us with the graphics and look really slick and smooth. Not a throwback to graphics from 2009, when it is 2023. So I am hoping that those graphics are just for playtesting, and that the real great looking graphics will be in the pack release.  I just prefer vibrant lush looki

Raeleen Shya Laughs too Much - Shorts

The Shya Family The Shya Family is an upper class family living in a penthouse in San Myshuno.  Sean Shya is a family man. Although the family lives in Uptown, the financial district, Sean would rather spend time with his family than on his investment strategies. Don't get it twisted, Sean is a shark in the market. Raeleen Shya is a genius and a stay at home mom. She has heavily invested in the development of her daughter who is a virtuoso violinist and at the top of her class. Known as the family prankster, when not caring for her family Raeleen spends time investing in the arts and music. She is a patron at the Art Museum. Stacie Shya follows in her mom's footsteps. Not only does she favor her mother, but she also has a knack for music. Although she is still in High School, she has written several violin concertos. Not to disappoint her mom, Stacie continues to perfect her violin and piano skills, though secretly she wants to be an actress. When Telling Jokes Goes Wrong

Just Weird - New Video Series

Just Weird Entertaining snippets from Sims Let's Play. These snippets are replacing the longer Sims Stories that I am no longer producing. Enjoy! Doc McQuackson Basement Vet Clinic - Sims 4      Doc McQuackson Basement Lair - Sims 4 Want to see more zany vids, click the Just Weird or Shorts keyword below.

Announcement: T-Logic Productions YouTube Channel

T-Logic Productions is excited to announce the launch of a new YouTube channel: T-Logic Productions T-Logic Productions creates inspirational and entertaining videos about the Sims , music , poetry , and life in general. Tanya Owens is the founder of T-Logic Productions. Tanya started the channel to have a place where she can share new music, videos about her cats, ponderings about life and Sims Stories: storylines created while playing the Sims franchise of games. Tanya hopes you will watch her channel, enjoy the content, interact and subscribe. Join me by tweeting about T-Logic Productions: Tweet #TLogicProductions