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New Video Series - MOMENT OF ZEN

 Meditation Series The last five years in the United States of America has been chaotic, filled with division, vitriol, hate, and violence. Then 2020 ushered in a global pandemic that the world has not experienced in a century. Added to the pain, suffering, angst, anxiety, depression, financial loss, and despair of the pandemic came additional heart ache and grief as we lost some great icons in sports , politics , and Hollywood .  As we all tried to gather ourselves and make sense of the world, America experienced the second I Can't Breathe moment which pushed the Black Lives Matter movement global. People set aside personal safety and marched for weeks in cities, suburbs, towns, and hamlets all across America and the world.  As 2020 wrapped up, America's COVID-19 infections continued to sky rocket, with this nation having the most cases in the world and officially over 336,802 people died. Unofficially that number is much higher. By March 2021 the official tally of deaths

RENEE READS: Who Has Seen the Wind?

 Poem Today I am reading the poem Who Has Seen the Wind? by Christina Rossetti . I was so captivated by this poem that I started singing it. So as a treat, after I read the poem you will hear me sing it acapella. No shade now, I just learned the poem on June 6, 2021 and created the melody on the spot, did a few takes and then recorded the video. Who Has Seen the Wind? Who has seen the wind? Neither I nor you. But when the leaves hang trembling, The wind is passing through. Who has seen the wind? Neither you nor I. But when the trees bow down their heads, The wind is passing by. Poetry should move you, take you on a journey. Me, I love weather, soft breezes, the roaring winds of a thunderstorm. It all captivates me. I hope you enjoy this poem. Tweet along with me:  Tweet #ReneeReads

New Video Series - RENEE READS

 Renee Reads Starting a new video series where I will be reading various types of literature. Starting the series reading a poem titled Treasures   by Margaret Voitek. Published & Unpublished Works I plan to read works written by published and unpublished authors. Stay tuned, as you never know what Renee may read. Tweet along with me Tweet #ReneeReads

Sims Stories are Ending

 Hi Everyone, In 2020 I started writing and recording five Sims Stories. I released two of them: The Adventures of Kylie and Magnus  and Off the Grid Bubs .  With the saturation of Sims related content on YouTube and not factoring high, heck at all, in the YouTube algorithm, no one was seeing, and thus able to watch my videos. It takes a long time to create the videos. So like with any network, cable, or streaming show low views equals cancelled.  Ending Sims Stories However, in this instance it really wasn't because the shows weren't good, it is because my channel is new and YouTube is not displaying my content to viewers. I have tried numerous search keywords and none of them results in my videos displaying in search results. Thus both shows will end after season 1 without a resolution. I actually stopped playing them altogether due to low viewership and bugs in the game. Stress Relief I started making these videos as a way to reduce stress, well I play the game to reduce str