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Off the Grid Bubs: Ep. 6 - Snake's Potions

Hey Everybody, Simmers and those who enjoy watching Sim Stories, the next episode of Off the Grid Bubs is live on YouTube. A visit to Windenburg and the retail store Snake's Potions triggers another memory for Stub. Can he escape the nightmares of his past? Emu becomes erratic while at Snake's potions. Are Emu's memories resurfacing? Stub has more flashbacks, this time of the children being taken away never to be seen again. If you enjoyed this video and want to see more of the series, please like the video and click the subscribe button. You can subscribe without leaving this blog post by mousing/hovering over the T-Logic Productions logo in the lower right corner. This concludes season 1 of Off the Grid Bubs. If you want to watch more Sims Stories, please go to my channel and check out other series. This blog is not sponsored. If you want to support my content creation consider purchasing me a cup of coffee: Join me by twe