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From Newborn to Infant - Sims 4 Infants Update

The Woods Family newborn just grew into an Infant! Squee. And baby Kree's big sister Heather adores him.  This is part two of the live play. In part one we saw the new interactions EA created for babies, renamed newborns. Now let's explore this new life stage INFANTS.       Small Creators The success of my indie  YouTube channel  depends on you. Please support this small creator by liking my videos, subscribing to my channel and building a vibrant community.  Leave a comment here, on the  video page  or tweet along with me here:  Tweet to @TLogicProducti1 This blog isn't sponsored If you enjoy reading the posts and watching my videos consider supporting my creative endeavors by donating via my  PayPal Me  or  Buying Me a Cup of Tea/Coffee .