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Building Tiny Homes in the Sims 4 from Actual Architectural Plans

Hi Everybody. Welcome to a new feature on my blog. I am jumping into tiny house building in the Sims 4.  I'll be using actual architectural plans to create my builds , that you can download from the Sims 4 Gallery, user id troshalom . Tiny Living Pack I just purchased the Tiny Living stuff pack . I initially didn't plan to purchase the pack as I wasn't into the whole "Tiny House" builds thing, although I enjoy watching on television Tiny House builds. But, I wanted some of the items in the pack & decided to purchase it.  The first thing I did was plop down a lot from the pack, it is a Tier 1 Micro Home, which is a max of 32 tiles, and I was mortified.  Why didn't they use a 20x15 lot for the Tiny house? They put a microhouse on a 30x20 lot. It looks ridiculous. I plopped the house down in Newcrest, which is one of my favorite worlds, leveled the terrain and made some adjustments. The next thing I did was build a large tiny house, that is a Tier 3 Sma