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Q&A - The Adventures of Kylie and Magnus Sims Stories Series

Q: What prompted you to start this series ? A: Summer and Fall 2019 I spent quite a bit of time reading the Sims forums, especially last fall when the huge inventory bug started and I just couldn't play. To keep my sanity I decided to just immerse myself in all things Sims. I was motivated to read the forums partially for tips on how to play the game and comradery with like minded people and also because I was getting a bit bored and I wanted to add something to my game play.  I don't play with tons of mods, particularly because I want to play the game as the designers intended and mods are someone else's vision. Also, the challenges like 100 baby didn't interest me, although I did play my own version of rags to riches. One day, I just was fed up with all the complaining on the forums. Some people just don't like change and they want all new iterations of the Sims to be exactly like the past. Or they just complain about every single aspect of the game.