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Off the Grid Bubs: Ep. 3 - The Children's Home

Hello Simmers and watchers of Sims Stories,  episode 3 of Off the Grid Bubs is now live. Mental Health Episode three of Off the Grid Bubs deals with mental health, specifically teens struggling with an anxiety disorder(s). As the Sims is a game, it will be dealt with in that environment and in a light-hearted way as these episodes are family oriented. Today's episode touches on Stub living with his elder brother Emu, who has a mental illness, but also on Stub's traumatic childhood and PTSI. Sometimes people look at the surface of behavior then label and box people in. But Stub will show you in this episode that everyone has layers. So as humans, we should always give people the benefit of the doubt or at the very least understand the root cause of behavior and show them compassion. Video Description Stub Bub meets James Grey and initially isn't interested in becoming friends, but when Stub discovers that James is a collector and has a Collector's clu