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Who is Stub Bub?

Stub Bub is a teenager living with his elder brother Emu Bub in Oasis Springs. They currently live off the grid in a modest house near the creek, but it wasn't always like that. Why is Stub Bub Angry? Stub Bub is a teenager living with his elder brother Emu in Oasis springs. They live in a small house in the desert off the grid. They are living off the grid, not because they particularly believe in that life style, but because they cannot afford to be on the grid. So why is Stub Bub angry almost all the time? Well it is hot in the desert without air conditioning in the summer and oh yeah, he had a horrible childhood.   The Children's Home Stub is being raised by his Elder brother because his parents died while he was a baby. Emu Bub is unstable, homeless, a thief and has been in and out of prison most of his life.  One day Emu met who he thought was a kind stranger who offered Stub a better life at the Children's home than a life living on the streets, sleeping

MPC Beats - Making A House Track Music Video

Beat Making Software MPC Beats is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and is free software by Akai Professional. It is the entry point to the full fledged MPC 2 software, but it is quite mighty as you can run multiple instances of the plugin in another DAW like Cubase or Logic Pro . House Music Video While learning the software you create your own beat. That's pretty cool. Enjoy this short music video. Want to see more shorts I created or Music Videos, click the Music Video or Shorts keyword below.

Raeleen Shya Laughs too Much - Shorts

The Shya Family The Shya Family is an upper class family living in a penthouse in San Myshuno.  Sean Shya is a family man. Although the family lives in Uptown, the financial district, Sean would rather spend time with his family than on his investment strategies. Don't get it twisted, Sean is a shark in the market. Raeleen Shya is a genius and a stay at home mom. She has heavily invested in the development of her daughter who is a virtuoso violinist and at the top of her class. Known as the family prankster, when not caring for her family Raeleen spends time investing in the arts and music. She is a patron at the Art Museum. Stacie Shya follows in her mom's footsteps. Not only does she favor her mother, but she also has a knack for music. Although she is still in High School, she has written several violin concertos. Not to disappoint her mom, Stacie continues to perfect her violin and piano skills, though secretly she wants to be an actress. When Telling Jokes Goes Wrong

Just Weird - New Video Series

Just Weird Entertaining snippets from Sims Let's Play. These snippets are replacing the longer Sims Stories that I am no longer producing. Enjoy! Doc McQuackson Basement Vet Clinic - Sims 4      Doc McQuackson Basement Lair - Sims 4 Want to see more zany vids, click the Just Weird or Shorts keyword below.