Who is Stub Bub?

Stub Bub is a teenager living with his elder brother Emu Bub in Oasis Springs. They currently live off the grid in a modest house near the creek, but it wasn't always like that.

Why is Stub Bub Angry?

Stub Bub is a teenager living with his elder brother Emu in Oasis springs. They live in a small house in the desert off the grid. They are living off the grid, not because they particularly believe in that life style, but because they cannot afford to be on the grid.
So why is Stub Bub angry almost all the time? Well it is hot in the desert without air conditioning in the summer and oh yeah, he had a horrible childhood.  

The Children's Home

Stub is being raised by his Elder brother because his parents died while he was a baby. Emu Bub is unstable, homeless, a thief and has been in and out of prison most of his life. 
One day Emu met who he thought was a kind stranger who offered Stub a better life at the Children's home than a life living on the streets, sleeping in parks and dodging the police. After Emu toured the Children's home he agreed that it would be a better place for Stub.

Off the Grid Bubs

Watch episodes 1-6 of Off the Grid Bubs to learn more about Stub's childhood at the Children's home.

Want to see more Stub Bub, click the Off the Grid or Sims Stories keyword below.


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