inZOI vs Life by You vs The Sims 4 - Who Wins?

I was very excited about the new life simulation game Life by You by Paradox, with its whole open world and great building tools. But I became reticent after seeing the lack of progression with the characters. They just felt like a mix between Second Life and The Sims 2 - just stuck in the past. All of the characters sort of looked the same. The women look very masculine, something is wrong with the arms (although, the arm sliders means that you can make them as long or short as you want to), but something just seems out of place.

Life by You Character

And with someone who has as much experience as the Rod Humble developing the game, they felt too crude. It is 2024, the characters shouldn't look like that.

But all we have is The Sims and the Indie game underdevelopment Paralives along with the farming sim: Farm Folks yet to hit the market, whose characters look great I might say. Farm Folks is a multi-player farm simulation game with some life sim characteristics. I really love the graphics in this game.

Then one day, something unexpected happened. Game developer, Krafton, from S. Korea up the notch by using Unreal Engine to create inZOI, which will be released this year, and don't take my word for it, look at this footage

As a person who is owned by two cats, I am all here for the cat overlords in this game! Move over Life by You with simulated characters that don't have a name. I mean The Sims has sims and Paralives has paras and guess what inZOI has ZOIs!!!

As most of these games have, there is an extreme limitation in the rendering of people from the African diaspora, from our skin hues, features to our hair texture. But I am hoping that a game developer from the Mother Land, that is from one of the African nations will develop a life sim game that gets our features, hair, and hue correct. That aside, I love the realism of this game. Especially since the game developer comes from my background SIMCITY y'all!

So, without playing Life by You or inZOI I'm already calling a winner: inZOI. You wanna know why? inZOI has their own version of simlish and Life by You won't have a simulated language, they'll just have environmental sounds. And you know we all love simlish. So I'm here for the make believe language!

Here's an update on the inZOI roadmap

In your opinion: 

  • Who is the clear winner?
  • Which game are you looking forward to playing the most?
Submit your answers in the comments.


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