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Mod Fixes Sims 4 Gardening Bug

Every time the Sims team upgrades the Sims 4 base game they break gardening. This time all plants return to the mound state so you can't harvest your garden or mature your plants. And you can't do herbalism either. It is a nightmare.  Little Ms Sam created a small mod that fixes this bug. You can download the mod from The LMS4 Random Bug Fixes page. It is called the Gardening Work Around Fix .

Video Series Moving to New Channel

 Hey Everyone, The two new video series that were announced this year: Renee Reads, and Moment of Zen will be migrating over to my Tanya Owens Designs channel.  The content will complement that channel well and it will allow me to build out a robust channel and subscriber base. Tanya Owens Designs is growing faster with more subscribers and eyes on the content, where as T-Logic Productions is not growing as fast. This is a win-win for both channels. Stay Tuned!

Announcement: T-Logic Productions YouTube Channel

T-Logic Productions is excited to announce the launch of a new YouTube channel: T-Logic Productions T-Logic Productions creates inspirational and entertaining videos about the Sims , music , poetry , and life in general. Tanya Owens is the founder of T-Logic Productions. Tanya started the channel to have a place where she can share new music, videos about her cats, ponderings about life and Sims Stories: storylines created while playing the Sims franchise of games. Tanya hopes you will watch her channel, enjoy the content, interact and subscribe. Join me by tweeting about T-Logic Productions: Tweet #TLogicProductions