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Show Us Your Builds - Willow Creek

 World Map While playing the Sims 4, undoubtedly the world map has changed from the first time you played. That is true for me in many of my builds. I am a hybrid player. I love to build in the game, but I also enjoy playing. So my builds are typically for sims to live in or enjoy as a community lot. #SimTested Updated Willow Creek The map above is Willow Creek in my latest save BlueBoi Family.  I created the BlueBoi Family to play test my builds in my build world save. I just started a series of building homes from this Home Builder book I purchased over a decade ago. When I play tested the residential lots I built, I fell in love with the family and decided to play them. I saved the family to the gallery and then opened my Base Game save file which has my customized lots, families and clubs in it and plopped them into it, and then resaved it as a new save. This will be my new generations save.  Generations My first generations save, the Landgraabs, was lost June 2019 when a bumbleh