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New Video Series - MOMENT OF ZEN

 Meditation Series The last five years in the United States of America has been chaotic, filled with division, vitriol, hate, and violence. Then 2020 ushered in a global pandemic that the world has not experienced in a century. Added to the pain, suffering, angst, anxiety, depression, financial loss, and despair of the pandemic came additional heart ache and grief as we lost some great icons in sports , politics , and Hollywood .  As we all tried to gather ourselves and make sense of the world, America experienced the second I Can't Breathe moment which pushed the Black Lives Matter movement global. People set aside personal safety and marched for weeks in cities, suburbs, towns, and hamlets all across America and the world.  As 2020 wrapped up, America's COVID-19 infections continued to sky rocket, with this nation having the most cases in the world and officially over 336,802 people died. Unofficially that number is much higher. By March 2021 the official tally of deaths