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Life By You - New Simulation Game

I am really excited about this game. It is open world and fully customizable. With customizable conversations! That will make creating stories for YouTube a blast! Life by You Announcement Event The announcement event just gave us a bit of a taste. Not too long. Right now the humans look rather crude and their movements are stilted, so I am hoping they will get more polish before the game is fully released, but I am gang ho to do some early testing as I am ready for a new life simulation game and am bored with The Sims 4. Right now the look and feel of the game is giving me Sims 3 vibe and that is not a good thing. I really do like the look and feel of the Sims 4 and am expecting a new life simulation game to wow us with the graphics and look really slick and smooth. Not a throwback to graphics from 2009, when it is 2023. So I am hoping that those graphics are just for playtesting, and that the real great looking graphics will be in the pack release.  I just prefer vibrant lush looki