Life By You - New Simulation Game

I am really excited about this game. It is open world and fully customizable. With customizable conversations! That will make creating stories for YouTube a blast!

Life by You Announcement Event

The announcement event just gave us a bit of a taste. Not too long. Right now the humans look rather crude and their movements are stilted, so I am hoping they will get more polish before the game is fully released, but I am gang ho to do some early testing as I am ready for a new life simulation game and am bored with The Sims 4.

Right now the look and feel of the game is giving me Sims 3 vibe and that is not a good thing. I really do like the look and feel of the Sims 4 and am expecting a new life simulation game to wow us with the graphics and look really slick and smooth. Not a throwback to graphics from 2009, when it is 2023. So I am hoping that those graphics are just for playtesting, and that the real great looking graphics will be in the pack release. I just prefer vibrant lush looking worlds.

I'm hoping with the fully customizable way the world and humans are that I will be able to add faith to the game. From the beginning they are sharing that queer lives will be featured. So will people truly be able to have Life by US and include what makes life meaningful by adding our faith or a made up faith to the game?


If you pre-order you get the Life Begins Pack includes:
  • Jumpstart Fashion Pack
  • Vehicle: Vintage Scooter
  • Walls to Floors Decor Pack
It's ok I guess. But I wonder if that means microtransactions and that my friend is not a fun prospect! It also shows a taste issue again. I don't know how diverse their team is, but they really need to add some black Africans and people from the African diaspora to their team, at least to up their taste game.

Early Access

You can pre-order now, but won't get access to the game until September 12, 2023. So that's a full six months in the future. I'll treat it as an early birthday gift.

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