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Ab Roller - Dual Handles for Beginners & Advanced Core Strength

Hi everyone, I'm on this #FitLife movement and decided to share a new piece of exercise equipment I am using. This Ab Roller is from Asia. What I like about it is that it is lower to the ground like a traditional plank. It has four wheels instead of the one wheel an ab roller typically has, so I don't have to focus on balancing the wheel, I can focus on strengthening my core.  I'm not a fan of traditional crunches. And since the COVID pandemic, I've preferred to exercise at home or outside and spend less time indoors in crowded spaces. So, that leaves me with finding a solution to exercise my abs, lower back and obliques along with doing Pilates. I like variety, it keeps me engaged and enjoying my fitness routines. After all it is a lifestyle! I'll share more about my #FitLife journey on my Tanya Talks blog and channel. But I wanted to share this piece of equipment since I haven't seen any reviews or videos in the U.S. Most of the Ab Rollers I have seen ha