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Growing Together With Father Winter's Babies

Meet the Families There are eight families that have newborns or toddlers. Each of them ready to expand their generations and grow together as a community. The Roommates June Kay and Missy Roomie have purchased their first house in Willow Creek. A small 2 bedroom 1 bath ranch on a 20x15 lot on a canal in the Foundry Cove neighborhood. This working class neighborhood in southern Willow Creek is perfect for young families and young adults just starting their career.  June and Missy grew up in the same neighborhood in the big city. They moved to Willow Creek for Missy's job at the local lounge. Missy felt she could make a bigger mark for herself in a smaller town as a musician, than competing against all of the talent in the big city. And her gamble may pay off; as the ladies threw an epic holiday party that completely woke up sleepy little Willow Creek. But June got more than she bargained when she discovered Father Winter left more than a gift under the tree. Growing Together Foll

New Sims Series - Father Winter's Babies

Hey Y'all. In 2019 I started a sims series called Father Winter's Babies. I recorded the first three episodes in October 2019. I planned the series primarily because I was curious what a sim baby with Father Winter would be like. What traits and abilities would they have as they grew up. Honestly, I still don't know the answer to that question since I stopped playing the save after I noticed that the videos I was making weren't getting any views in 2021. And on top of that the Sims forum was really toxic. People were sabotaging my channel by down voting my videos and reporting them. I guess haters are gonna hate. Why I Stopped Recording Since it takes so long to play, record, and edit videos and I wasn't getting a return on the investment of my time, I stopped playing. However, with the  new Infants update and Growing Together expansion pack coming out, I figured it would be great to play this save since it is a pretty vanilla game and will give me a chance to play