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New Sims Series: The Adventures of Kylie & Magnus

Hello Everyone, I am in the process of creating a brand new Sims series that is somewhat unique and different from the Sims videos presently on YouTube. Instead of focusing game play on one expansion/game pack, on mods or even one Sims version, this new series focuses on multiple expansion and game packs and will feature inadvertent time travel through The Sims 3 and The Sims 2. The series promises to be fun. Video Description Kylie James was a happy go lucky Sim living in San Myshuno until her parents died. She became increasingly paranoid to the point that her friends jokingly suggested she move to StrangerVille. Kylie took them seriously and after a brief visit realized there were kindred spirits in Strangerville and promptly purchased a farm on the plateau. Feeling lonely she placed an ad for a roommate. Magnus Crowe was on the run, hiding from the authorities after duping numerous sims with fake dragon sales. He hoped off the bus in StrangerVille hoping to blend in and s

Announcement: T-Logic Productions YouTube Channel

T-Logic Productions is excited to announce the launch of a new YouTube channel: T-Logic Productions T-Logic Productions creates inspirational and entertaining videos about the Sims , music , poetry , and life in general. Tanya Owens is the founder of T-Logic Productions. Tanya started the channel to have a place where she can share new music, videos about her cats, ponderings about life and Sims Stories: storylines created while playing the Sims franchise of games. Tanya hopes you will watch her channel, enjoy the content, interact and subscribe. Join me by tweeting about T-Logic Productions: Tweet #TLogicProductions