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Life by You Cancelled

I am disappointed and saddened by the decision Paradox Interactive made to cancel the new life simulation game that was to rival the Sims, Life by You . However, I am not surprised. The characters just looked wrong, they hired the wrong person to do the art. The look and feel of the game was dated, it just felt like the Sims 3 on steroids. However, with those two issues, which to me are cosmetic (says the woman who isn't programming a game), the game had lots of potential and I liked the direction it was going in. I think that going up against the Sims 4 and the new direction the Sims 5 is going and Indie game Paralives that Life by You had a chance to be very successful and profitable. Even games like FarmFolks , which had to go back to the beginning and build a game design book, weren't real competition. However, no one saw inZoi on the horizon. And when it dropped, built on Unreal Engine and not Unity, with its life like features and homage to Sim City, Life by You didn&