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Sims 4 Infants - Good Idea, Horrible Implementation

The addition of infants in the Sims 4 is a great idea. You can tell tons of planning went into the infants mannerisms, interactions, and level of awareness. Unfortunately, just like the recent implementations of packs in the past three years, the addition of infants in the base game is riddled with bugs. The most annoying is that when you go to manage world and return the game places the infant out in the world far away from the home. Every SINGLE time. And secondly, if you leave the infant on the home lot with another parent the infants needs aren't met. So, clearly two very basic things the Sims team did not ensure was done wasn't. They did not include staging for the infant, so the infant loops the world when you are not actively controlling her/him. And when you leave the infant home the sims team did not ensure the infant's needs were met. I would give the sims team grace if this was the first time they implemented a little life state, but they did the SAME EXACT thi

Building Tiny Homes in the Sims 4 from Actual Architectural Plans

Hi Everybody. Welcome to a new feature on my blog. I am jumping into tiny house building in the Sims 4.  I'll be using actual architectural plans to create my builds , that you can download from the Sims 4 Gallery, user id troshalom . Tiny Living Pack I just purchased the Tiny Living stuff pack . I initially didn't plan to purchase the pack as I wasn't into the whole "Tiny House" builds thing, although I enjoy watching on television Tiny House builds. But, I wanted some of the items in the pack & decided to purchase it.  The first thing I did was plop down a lot from the pack, it is a Tier 1 Micro Home, which is a max of 32 tiles, and I was mortified.  Why didn't they use a 20x15 lot for the Tiny house? They put a microhouse on a 30x20 lot. It looks ridiculous. I plopped the house down in Newcrest, which is one of my favorite worlds, leveled the terrain and made some adjustments. The next thing I did was build a large tiny house, that is a Tier 3 Sma