Building Tiny Homes in the Sims 4 from Actual Architectural Plans

Hi Everybody. Welcome to a new feature on my blog. I am jumping into tiny house building in the Sims 4.  I'll be using actual architectural plans to create my builds, that you can download from the Sims 4 Gallery, user id troshalom.

Tiny Living Pack

I just purchased the Tiny Living stuff pack. I initially didn't plan to purchase the pack as I wasn't into the whole "Tiny House" builds thing, although I enjoy watching on television Tiny House builds. But, I wanted some of the items in the pack & decided to purchase it. 

The first thing I did was plop down a lot from the pack, it is a Tier 1 Micro Home, which is a max of 32 tiles, and I was mortified. 
Why didn't they use a 20x15 lot for the Tiny house? They put a microhouse on a 30x20 lot. It looks ridiculous. I plopped the house down in Newcrest, which is one of my favorite worlds, leveled the terrain and made some adjustments.

The next thing I did was build a large tiny house, that is a Tier 3 Small Home that is a max of 100 tiles. I chose the tiny house lot designation, and immediately was met with limitations. 

They forced me to build a 3 story tiny house. That was not what I wanted, but it turned out as a decent playable house. It is Sim tested, which means I created and moved in a sim family and had them walk through and live in the house. I created a family with a teen who would use the 3rd floor bedroom/office as his bedroom since it is only accessible via a ladder, and an infant, because infants are new to the game.

I admit, this Comfy Cubby is not my greatest work. So, I decided to try a different build strategy; I upped my game. Still wanting to see what all of the tiny houses looked like when I built with the set restrictions. I decided to build using the residential lot type, and then switch over to the tiny house lot type to check that I was within the required number of tiles. When I learned that I was, I kept the tiny house lot type and went to furnishing the house.

My first build using an actual architectural plan is a Tier 2 Tiny Home with a max of 64 tiles. And I confess, I am rather proud of this build. I used this plan from 61 Custom Homes
Studio 500 Modern Tiny House 500 sqft by 61 Custom 

I opted out of adding the additional loft as the would've put me over the maximum of 64 tiles. I tried to make the home look as close as I possibly could to the original plan. Because we cannot resize windows in the Sims 4 to make them look like the windows in the plan, I opted for windows that still gave the essence of the plan.
Using the layout suggested in the plan. The only modification is the storage space on the rear patio. I used that niche for the grill and placed a small table and chairs on the covered patio.

Assets used in the build are mostly from the Tiny Living Stuff Pack and Dream Home Decorator Game Pack. I also included laundry from the Laundry Stuff Pack and items from the Seasons Expansion Pack. The mailbox is from the City Living Expansion Pack

And the trees may be from the Cats & Dogs Expansion Pack. The brown wood siding is from the Island Living Expansion Pack and the posts & arches are from the Get Together Expansion Pack. If you want the complete look you need all of those packs, or the game will substitute with whatever packs you own.

Dream Home Decorator Game Pack

I still insist that this pack is really a glorified stuff pack. Perhaps it is a game pack since it has more stuff in it. But they really didn't consider all life stages. There is no toddler bed & new basinet, so you can't really do a baby room. Infants weren't a thing then, so I won't talk about the lack of cribs. I doubt I ever play the career as I didn't like that career in the sims 3, but I do like the build items, even though they aren't true complete sets.


I'm at the point where I am tired of EA/Maxis putting animations & build/buy functionalities behind paywalls when they created them in previous releases of the sims (Sims 1 - 3). It isn't novel, it is greedy. However, Paralives and Life by You are implementing many features EA has paywalled in various expansion, game, and stuff packs, in their base game. So, that will be a gamechanger. Life by You will be released about September 2024, it goes into Early Access September 12, 2023 on Steam and Epic. Not date yet for Paralives

I plan to purchase the Early Access of Life by You to test out this new game and hopefully be able to help shape some of the development. Faith for the most part is left out of these life simulation games. I hope to be able to implement faith as part of the base game and not something that has to be modded in.

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