Sims Stories are Ending

 Hi Everyone,

In 2020 I started writing and recording five Sims Stories. I released two of them: The Adventures of Kylie and Magnus and Off the Grid Bubs

With the saturation of Sims related content on YouTube and not factoring high, heck at all, in the YouTube algorithm, no one was seeing, and thus able to watch my videos. It takes a long time to create the videos. So like with any network, cable, or streaming show low views equals cancelled. 

Ending Sims Stories

However, in this instance it really wasn't because the shows weren't good, it is because my channel is new and YouTube is not displaying my content to viewers. I have tried numerous search keywords and none of them results in my videos displaying in search results. Thus both shows will end after season 1 without a resolution. I actually stopped playing them altogether due to low viewership and bugs in the game.

Stress Relief

I started making these videos as a way to reduce stress, well I play the game to reduce stress and started the videos as a creative positive outlet. They were fun to make, it got me back into video production and project management. Sadly, I need to spend my time on activities that are productive when it comes to this channel. 



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