The Adventures of Kylie & Magnus: Ep. 4 - 1st Vacation

The next episode of The Adventures of Kylie & Magnus is live.

Video Description

Newly minted lovers Kylie and Magnus decide to take their first vacation as a couple a trip to Granite Falls, after all Kylie is a fish writer and Magnus is a fish programmer, so I guess they need to do some research by fishing and camping. A nice short vacay to bond over fishing and herbalism. Plus Magnus heard there was a secret hide-away tucked deep in the woods full of lots of treasure. So, what could go wrong?

Come immerse yourself in Kylie and Magnus' escapades: 

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I hope you enjoyed episode 4 in the Adventures of Kylie & Magnus Sims series. I always ask in the description, "So, what could go wrong?" Whelp, this episode took longer to produce as I ran into quite a few technical problems:
  • First, the software I use to capture the video only recorded a third of what I played. Then the portion of the video that was recorded most of it was pixelated and so I could not use it. That meant I had to replay the entire episode. 
  • Second, I ran into issues with editing portion of the software. The software kept freezing and crashing. 
  • Third, in game items placed in the Sims personal inventory would disappear, which made it nearly impossible to complete tasks for their careers, to save fish that was caught, or to keep harvestables needed for herbal remedies. 
As you can imagine I had to be quite creative with my editing and story telling. Many things I wanted to showcase in this episode was lost and I had to shift how I was going to present the game play. My end goal did not change, just how I got there.

My problems did not end with this episode, the next two episodes (5 & 6) I continued to have some unique problems from having to find mods to fix some technical issues with the Sims 2, to tons of video that was so horribly pixelated that I could not use them.

I eventually had to shelve production for a while and work through the technical issues. While I was doing that, I officially launched my other YouTube channel Tanya Owens Designs, which is more training/education centric. And I started my second Sims series: Off the Grid Bubs. 

The channel is fleshing out. So, I hope you stay around, subscribe, enjoy the content, and join the conversation. If you have some ideas about a series, I'd love to read them in the comments on the blog or YouTube.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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