Hello Everyone, the third episode of the Adventures of Kylie & Magnus series is live.

Video Description

After their epic dates in episode 2, Kylie is convinced that Magnus is the one. The two embark on enlarging the house so that there is space for two sleep pods in the bedroom, a more spacious kitchen, and an underground swimming pool. After a day of chores on the farm, they decide to head over to Willow Creek to Hallow Slough Camping to fish, camp, and work on their freelance projects.

Come immerse yourself in Kylie and Magnus' escapades: 

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This episode features other uses for the StrangerVille and Outdoor Retreat game packs. 

After spending some time on the forums and watching other Sims 4 videos on YouTube, I've heard one collective response from many simmers:
  • After you finish the mystery of StrangerVille the playability of the pack is limited 
  • The Outdoor Retreat game pack is one of the least interesting game packs with very little playability. 
I disagree with both summations. The Sims is a sandbox game which means, you play the game as your imagination intends (with some limitations based on how the game is coded and/or moddded). So, the Sims team at EA created a storyline for StrangerVille, that if you follow it can add some extra spice to the game. However, you don't have to play the mystery to get a lot from the pack. The pack adds the new military career and some great build items such as the ability to plant bugs to spy on Sims, and the new paranoid trait. I find the StrangerVille world to be a beautiful world and play it often. And that is why I based The Adventures of Kylie and Magnus in StrangerVille. The world lends itself to the bizarre and one can create some fun and interesting stories in the world.

The same with the Outdoor Retreat world: Granite Falls. It is a beautiful world. Do I wish there was some things different in this pack, yes. For starters there are two things I wish was in this pack and think the developers can add without an issue:
  1. Trails - I wish there were three hiking trails (Easy, Intermediate, and Hard) that the Sims could hike. This would really help with getting Sims to hike the entire camp ground and the national park too. Makes it easier to find plants and bugs needed for herbalism.
  2. Binoculars - I wish bird watching was added to this pack, like in Free Time in The Sims 2. Going camping is an excellent time to go bird watching. It is also a great location to do photography too.
Other than those two minor additions, Granite Falls vacation world is a great place to go fishing. And with the fishing upgrade that was made after Island Living was released, fishing is even more fun. I enjoy fishing in the Sims and play Sims that enjoy fishing. It is a great hobby, excellent for collections, assists with gardening, supplements when cooking and can be lucrative as well. Fishing is also great for Sims living close to nature or off the grid.

Also, the buy items in the Outdoor Retreat pack are great. Having the portable shower and tents mean your Sims can overnight in the hidden lots found in The Sims 4 as well as any camping lots you create outside of the vacation world. In this episode I feature a custom campground I created in Willow Creek on the Hallow Slough lot, titled Hallow Slough Camping. Its location is excellent for fishing and I have items on the lot from a few different packs that enhances it. The lot is available in the gallery.

So, I hope you enjoy this episode as Kylie and Magnus go on an overnight camping trip in Willow Creek. In episode 4 Kylie and Magnus will take a longer camping trip in Granite Falls, so stay tuned for that episode.

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